Our Mission

     The mission of Our Lady of Good Success Academy is auxiliary to the mission of the Catholic Church, which is to lead man to union with God as his last End. Man was created to love, honor, and serve God, but he first must know Him, for one cannot love what he does not know. Consequently, the Academy's mission is to provide children of Catholic families with a thorough education founded upon traditional principles of education and discipline, leading them to the knowledge of God in every domain of education. The ultimate goal, inspired by the Gospel, consists in forming good citizens and good Catholics so that the whole person may be ordered to the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical spheres. This way, they will be formed into true Christians, learning to love and serve God in every aspect of their daily lives.

Our Lady of Good Success Academy

900 Horseblock Road    Farmingville, NY

(631) 736-6515